Trust-ME: Trustworthy workplace well-being and productivity improvement

Weave research project. Collaboration between Jožef Stefan Institute and Università della Svizzera italiana.

Project description

By combining expertise in sensing technology, privacy, user experience design, and explainable AI, this project will harness the recent trends in these fields as well as psychology and physiology, and develop a new approach for monitoring job satisfaction, wellbeing, and productivity that will (1) offer insights into their complex relations to support interventions to improve them, and (2) employ privacy-aware development methods for creating powerful yet explainable AI that provides productivity insights.

Work package 1: Problem definition

Review of psycho-physiological constructs of interest and their measurement.

[TODO add realization]

Work package 2: Data collection and validation

Definition of the data-collection protocol, implementation of the data-collection hardware and software setup, auxiliary and main data collection.

[TODO add realization]

Work package 3: Federated machine learning

Baseline ML, ML for interrelated psychological constructs, federated learning, multi-modal federated learning.

[TODO add realization]

Work package 4: Trustworthy and explainable AI

Privacy and security, explainability methods, preventing bias, from explanation to intervention.

[TODO add realization]

Work package 5: Project management and dissemination

Project management, dissemination, other activities.

[TODO add realization]

Project partners

The TRUST-ME project will utilize the expertise from two separate institutions, USI (Switzerland) – experts in security, privacy and trustworthy AI – and JSI (Slovenia) – experts in machine learning for sensing and modelling psycho-physiological constructs including employee wellbeing.

The proposed project will thus explore the problem domain via two key strands of investigation: (1) multimodal monitoring and modelling of job satisfaction and productivity (led by JSI) and (2) multimodal, secure, private, and explainable AI for productivity assessment (led by USI).

Team USI:

prof. dr. Marc Langheinrich (lead)
dr. Martin Gjoreski
dr. Pietro Barbiero
Mohan Li
Daniil Kirilenko

Project-related publications

  • Publication 1
  • Publication 2
  • etc.


Trust-ME project is a bilateral Weave project, funded by the Slovenian Agency of Research and Innovation (ARIS) under grant agreement N1-0319 and by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) under grant agreement 214991.