M. Špegel, P. Reinhardt, R. Blatnik

WINDECT – Wireless Local Area Network with Integration of Professional-Quality DECT Telephony

Short description, main aims and objectives of the project:

WINDECT is a novel approach to merge wireless networks by integrating professional quality telephony into WLANs to get high quality “voice over WLAN”. The result is an innovative application in the field of wireless and mobile communications. Our contribution in the project was development and construction of a research test-bed for metricsbased testing of the quality of voice communication in VoWLAN/VoIP communications. The measurements using this test-bed have provided determination of PESQ MOS, delay, jitter and packet loss derived from the analysis of analogue voice signal as well as voice packet streams. A handover tests were also performed by emulation of mobile phone’s roaming using hand attenuation of RF signals in so called »open air« from involved two access points. In the final phase of the project the test-bed was used for the performance evaluation of WINDECT-enabled mobile phones and access points in the form of demonstrator environment. The results confirm the advanages of the WINDECT approach over standard VoIP/WLAN solutions are achievable in practice. Here is the web site of the project.