The department of intelligent systems (E9) continues to work closely with partners regarding the VALENCE (Advancing machine learning in vocational education) project. The goal is to enhance the data science and machine learning education in vocational schools by building an online educational platform. Alongside the platform, data science and machine learning curriculum is created. Since the job market for people who are working with machine learning is getting larger, it is important to prepare students in this field. Doing so, we are moving towards a future where students will be better prepared to find employment and likewise companies can more easily find computer-educated employees.

Several transnational meetings and training events were held throughout the different project partner countries. The department was the host of a training event in which several presenters showcased digital tools that will help built the educational platform, in particular the Orange ML toolbox. This was an online event. Dr. Tea Tušar held a presentation about introduction to data visualization.