Upgrade of the optimization system for steel continuous casting (KN3)

B. Filipič. Zupančič, T. Tušar

In this applied project, a simulation-based multiobjective optimization software was developed to support continuous casting of steel on a new casting device at the Štore Steel plant. It considers the manufacturing process parameters, such as the casting temperature, casting speed and coolant flows as optimization variables, and deviations from the target values of the process output variables as optimization objectives. The output variables involved in the optimization are the solid shell thickness, the metallurgical length and the surface temperature of the cast steel. The optimization software is based on an evolutionary multiobjective optimization algorithm and interactively searches for the approximation of the Pareto-optimal front that represents trade-offs between the optimization objectives. An important software functionality is the visualization of solutions that allows the users to visually inspect and compare the solutions. The software is installed at the plant and used as a tool for achieving higher product quality.