Tutorial on constraint handling in mutliobjective optimization

B. Filipič, A. Vodopija

This tutorial provides an overview of the state of the art in constraint handling in multiobjective optimization. It starts with the motivation for dealing with constrained multiobjective optimization problems (CMOPs), gives their formal definition, and describes the prerequisites for and challenges in solving CMOPs. Next, it discusses constraint handling techniques (CHTs) for both single- and multiobjective optimization with an emphasis on the recently proposed techniques for multiobjective optimization. It further presents the test problems, contrasts the artificial and real-world test problems, and characterizes the problems from the perspective of constraints. It also discusses the means for assessing the performance of algorithms solving CMOPs. The tutorial concludes with a summary of the state of the art and a discussion of open issues and future research directions. 

The tutorial was held at PPSN 2020, CEC 2021 and WCCI 2022.

Download tutorial slides from here.