Senior helper

As part of the project Insieme (officially: ISE-EMH), and HoCare 2.0 we developed an android application intended for the elderly and their caregivers. The application allows easy connection between the smart devices of the caregiver (or a relative) and the elderly. For the caregiver, it provides an overview and monitoring of the elderly’s daily activities, also providing a history of activities. The elderly person can add one-time or recurring alarms, keep existing contacts in the phone-book or add new ones, enable sandbox and fall detection. The app is for Android devices only and can be used in 3 different languages; in English, Slovene and Italian.

Some screenshots of the application can be seen below (click on them to display an enlarged picture):

A video showcasing the application can be found here.

Instructions for using the application as an elderly person or as a caregiver can be found here.