This web page is about my private interests and projects. In my free time I mostly play music. I started learning cello when I was 11 and continued for 16 years: first playing solo, in string quartet and other small ensembles, and later in various orchestras. With 15 I started to learn guitar by myself and soon formed my first rock band. A few years later I enrolled in guitar music school and after two years got excepted into music high-school in Ljubljana for classical guitar. After finishing the classical guitar I switched to jazz guitar for another three years and started to play with school jazz bands, Big Band Krško, Loče brass orchestra and various rock bands – the last one I joined in 2008 is Broken Arrow with whom we finally published our debut album Feel the Arrow in late 2013.

Rokc Bands:

Classical and jazz groups:


Broken Arrow

I play bass guitar in Broken Arrow melodic rock / AOR band. The band begun as a glam rock project playing covers in spring 2005. Due to tremendous crowd response the quartet decided to form a band. In January 2006 ‘Hit The Streets’ demo was recorded. BA played on Lipstikk and Leathur Conspiracy Slovenian Tour in winter/spring 2007. In autumn BA recorded a second – this time professional quality – demo record. In summer 2008 Matjaz gave up playing bass in order to focused on singing therefore a bass player was added to the band in autumn and they entered the studio again to record an EP. In October 2009 the band got invited by Zele (leader of Divlje Jagode) to enter the OBN TV-show/competitions Rat bandova (they got into top 12 but did not continue). After two years of writing songs and recording the debut album Feel the Arrow (buy at: CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon) was finally released in December 2013. The promotion of the album begun with their first video for the song Have a Little Love – see the video below. You can find more about the band at the following links:

PUB Trio

I played bass guitar in PUB trio (Piltaver, Urek, Barkovič) – a music project I did with my friends in 2012.

Walk this Way

I played bass in Walk this Way funky pop/rock band from 2008 to 2010, below is a YouTube playlist with two songs, more music is available at band’s MySpace site.


I played solo guitar in Eclipse teenage hard rock/metal band which was my first band where I learned to play guitar and write music established in 1998.

Brežice Music School Symphony Orchestra

I played cello for over 10 years with the Brežice music school symphony orchestra. It was conducted by prof. Vladimir Zlatko Svera for the first ten years and later by prof. Miran Petelinc. On a few ocasions I also played bass guitar with them – for instance at the 15 anniversary shown in the below video (starts at 16m 42s).

15 years of Music school Brežice symphony orchestra from Davor A. Lipej on Vimeo.

Brežice Music School String Orchestra

I started playing in Brežice Music School String orchestra in school year 1995/96 when it was established. For the first three years it was conducted by prof. Svjetlana Zdelar Mulc, the next 10 years by prof. Vladimir Zlatko Sveraka, and finaly by prof. Andrea Haber. The string orchestra was the basis for Symphony orchestra that made its debut appearance in 2000.

Brass Orchestra Loče

I started playing in Brass Orchestra Loče in 2005 at their 85 anniversary. We play several yearly concert in the hometown and ocasionaly attend music festival abroad. One of our best performances was at the 31st National Brass Orchestra Competition; it was recorded by RTV SLO and is available here.

90 years of Brass orchestra Loče from Davor A. Lipej on Vimeo.

Spring concert in Loče from Davor A. Lipej on Vimeo.