M. Gams, R. Piltaver, E. Dovgan, B. Pogorelc

PDR – Commanders right hand (Poveljnikova desna roka)

Short description, main aims and objectives of the project:

Commanders right hand is a Targeted Research Project financed by the goal research program “Science for security and peace 2006 – 2010” in collaboration with Špica d.o.o., Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Slovenian Ministry of Defense. The project begun in April 2007 and will last until December 2009. The goal of the project is to prepare a prototype of intelligent system for surveillance of movement of personnel and equipment that will alarm the commander about unusual and forbidden activities and will enable centralized overview of monitored environment and analysis of past events. Tagging of all personnel and important equipment with tags that enable real-time localization with high accuracy in connection with intelligent video surveillance will enable the system to learn about the usual behavior and to recognize the unusual behavior while the expert system module will enable a simple way of specifying prohibited behavior. The Commanders Right Hand intelligent system will be able to alarm the commander about terrorist attacks, sabotages, thefts, staff negligence and insubordination, fire in the building and similar incidents. Video demonstrations: overall system demonstration, video module, statistics & macro modules and fuzzy logic.