Archive for: January, 2015

    Computer support for the reassembly of wall-painting fragments

    In collaboration with the Restoration Centre in Ljubljana we (DIS) developed a mobile and web application e-Pedius for the computer based support for the reassembly of wall-painting fragments. The solution supports crowd-sourcing and is accessible to wider public, including non-specialists, who can use it to reassemble fragments into new compositions, continue the work of other…

    The GP-DEMO algorithm

    For my PhD. thesis I developed a new algorithm called GP-DEMO. The algorithm proved to be very efficient in solving computationally complex multi-objective optimization problems. It is based on evolutionary algorithms and uses Gaussian process modelling within the optimization. The algorithm is very adaptable and can be used to solve various optimization problems. The paper…

    Optimization of the continuous steel casting process

    In collaboration with steel company Store Steel we (DIS) developed a web application called VizEMO-Steel that supports optimization of the continuous steel casting process and visualization of the results. The optimization process is done with the use of multiobjective evolutionary algorithms. As a result of this optimization, we were able to improve the overall quality…