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Students will do seminar work ('Studienleistung: Hausarbeit') received on 13.03.02 (at the end of the lecture). The students will need to bring back results on 24.04.02. Electronic submission to matjaz.gams@ijs.si is preferred. University will overtake the collecting of results. Student work will be evaluated and given back the results until  22.05.02. Viele Gre!
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Seminar work ('Studienleistung: Hausarbeit')

1. Blackjack  Documentation  OK
2. Bonzid  Documentation  OK
3. Documentation (naive Bayes)   program?
4. Documentation (IBM agents)   program (download) OK
5. Agent pages   Documentation (IBM agents) OK
6. FunPages   Documentation OK
7. MS agents Documentation  OK

If your seminar work is not here on the Internet, it means that your work has not yet been accepted as OK.
Due to problems when I have to implement at my machine I still propose students to set their Web sites.


Short Description

Lectures will take place at the Applied University, Fachochschule, Kaiserslautern, Germany starting on March 11th. Each day there will be 5 blocks of 90 minutes each. Students will be able to actively participate using computers.