Intelligent agents

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Agent institutions, organizations

Agent Based Engineering Group This group strives to bring a practical, application oriented approach to agent technology, in addition to making theoretical in-roads into this field.

Povezave na nekaj projektov, program JATLite in nekaj zunanjih sodelavcev, ki se prav tako ukvarjajo z inteligentnimi agenti.

Zadnja aktivnost: 1996? - European coordination action for agent-based computing AgentLink III is the premier Co-ordination Action for Agent Based Computing, funded by the European Commission's 6th Framework Program. Launched on 1st January, 2004, it provides support for the network of European researchers and developers with a common interest in agent technology through events aimed at industry outreach, and standardisation issues, as well as providing support for academic events and providing resources through the AgentLink Portal.

Združenje, ki raziskovalcem na področju inteligentnih agentov ponuja informacije o aktivnostih na tem področju.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2005?

Department of Intelligent Systems, Jožef Stefan Institute The principal goals of the Department of Intelligent Systems are to develop a computational theory of intelligence and to develop high-impact practical applications in areas such as intelligent information systems, data analysis, decision making, intelligent agents, medicine, ecology, language technologies, intelligent manufacturing, and economy.

Raziskave in razvoj na področju inteligentnih sistemov, tudi inteligentnih agentov.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Intelligent Systems Laboratory Swedish Institute of Computer Science They aim to provide a technical and conceptual foundation for the automation of electronic markets. The markets studied are on one hand more specialized, e.g., bandwidth for IP telephony, railway transportation, and electric power, on the other hand more general markets for goods, services, and information. In the first case, supply and demand are for (more or less) standardized commodities, and the main problem is to achieve an efficient allocation under different circumstances while allowing participants to act in their own best interests. In the second case, supply and demand are more vague, and the main problem is to match interests of and build trust between market participants.

Laboratorij, kjer se med pretežno ukvarjajo z avtomatiziranjem elektronskih tržišč, med drugim tudi z inteligentnimi agenti.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2003?

MIT - Software Agents Group The Software Agents group investigates a new paradigm for software that acts like an assistant to a user of an interactive interface rather than simply as a tool. While not necessarily as intelligent as a human agent, agent software can learn from interaction with the user, and proactively anticipate the user's needs. We build prototype agent systems in a wide variety of domains, including text and graphic editing, Web browsing, e-commerce, information visualization, and more.

Skupina raziskovalcev na MIT, ki se ukvarja s programskimi agenti.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

MIT - The artificial intelligence laboratory The artificial intelligence laboratory at MIT containing many agent related projects.

Laboratorij, kjer se ukvarjajo z umetno inteligenco in najrazličnejšimi področji le-te.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2010

Software Agent.EU Independent research community Europe Research community Europe, working closely in cooperation about agent basics, legal consequents using software agents, theory of artificial intelligent agents, agent communication and multiagent systems, philosophy and visions of a changing agent-based society, agent security and authentication, agents in logistics and transportation, agents in business and e-commerce, and social and ethic aspects of agent technology.

Raziskovalno združenje, kjer obravnavajo različne vidike inteligentnih agentov; vsebine so zaščitene z geslom.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009?

Software Agents Group The Software Agents Group of the MIT Media Laboratory investigates computer systems to which one can delegate tasks. Software agents differ from conventional software in that they are long-lived, semi-autonomous, proactive, and adaptive. Our primary focus is to create software that acts as an assistant to the user rather than a tool, learning from interaction and proactively anticipating the user's needs.

Seznam projektov, publikacij in virov iz področja inteligentnih agentov, programskih agentov in drugih področij.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2004?

The Intelligent Software Agents Lab The Intelligent Software Agents Lab at Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute envisions a world in which autonomous, intelligent software programs, known as software agents, undertake many of the operations performed by human users of the World Wide Web, as well as a multitude of other tasks.

Seznam publikacij, programske opreme, raziskav, orodij, jezikov, predavanj, pomembnih ljudi in projektov iz področja inteligentnih agentov.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Agent repositories

Agent-Based Systems Resources, information and papers about agents (Swedish Institute of Computer Science).

Nabor različnih povezav, povezanih z inteligentnimi agenti.

Zadnja aktivnost: Set off on a journey to a new world, the world of agents. Discover what agents are, how they work and how they can be useful to you. Explore the towns in AgentLand and learn to distinguish their different families. Finally, read the files and articles from our experts who have ventured deep into this new world.

Razlaga kaj so inteligentni agenti, kako delujejo in povezave do inteligentnih agentov, razdeljenih na naslednje kategorije: search agents, web agents, monitoring agents, virtual assistants, shopbots, webmaster agents. Dodatno so povezave do iger AI in orodij za razvoj inteligentnih agentov.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2003?

Bot knowledge Thanks to Bots, interaction between you and computers is changing dramatically. Intelligent Agents will work autonomously on your behalf. They will increase your productivity, efficiency, and entertain you.

Seznam različnih inteligentnih agentov - botov za področja: splošno iskanje, specifično iskanje, gradnjo znanja, novice, chat, shopping, kolaborativni boti, telefonija, informatorji itn.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009 is the world’s fastest growing community on human-like conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence).

CompInfo - The Computer Information Center The top one-stop reference resource for corporate IT, computers and communications Millions of IT users world-wide rely on our Web-based support resources

Seznam različnih agentov, programske opreme, podjetij, organizacij, konferenc, delavnic, novic, virov, publikacij, pomembnih ljudi iz področja inteligentnih agentov.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2003?

Haystack Our goal is to make it easier for people to collect, organize, find, visualize, and share their information. We are an interdisciplinary group of researchers blending approaches from human-computer interaction, social computing, databases, web infrastructure, information retrieval, artificial intelligence and the semantic web.

Blogovski portal na MIT, namenjen objavi informacij iz raziskav o dostopanju do informacij, analize, managementa in distribucije informacij, uporabno tudi za spletne inteligentne agente, ki nabirajo informacije.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

The chatterbot collection Comprehensive collection of chatterbot links and list of lost chatter bots.

Seznam povezav na chat bote, članki, orodja, knjige in seznam chat botov, ki so prenehali delovati in leto prenehanja.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

The personality forge Welcome to the The Personality Forge, the world's first community of living people and artificial intelligence entities called bots. Come on in, and chat with bots and botmasters, then create your own artificial intelligence personality, and turn it loose to chat with both real people and other chat bots.

Skupnost precejšnjega števila tako uporabnikov, kakor chat botov in informacij o izdelavi lastnih chat botov.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

UMBC AgentWeb List of different agents, software, companies, organizations, conferences, workshops, news, resources, people from different areas of intelligent agents.

Seznam različnih agentov, programske opreme, podjetij, organizacij, konferenc, delavnic, novic, virov, publikacij, pomembnih ljudi iz področja inteligentnih agentov.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2003?

VideoLectures - Intelligent Agents The main purpose of the project VideoLectures.Net is to provide free and open access of a high quality video lectures presented by distinguished scholars and scientists at the most important and prominent events like conferences, summer schools, workshops and science promotional events from many fields of Science.

Brezplačno skladišče videoposnetkov predavanj, s 6 posnetki iz področja inteligentnih agentov.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Agent related articles (journals, conferences, projects, courses, technical reports)

Agent-Based Engineering, the Web, and Intelligence Petrie C.J. We describe the use of KQML-like Agents and their compatibility with the World-Wide Web. One distinguishing characteristic of such agents is the necessity for a peer-to-peer protocol vs. the client-server protocol of HTTP. This is indicative of a major conflict between the web and agent paradigms that must be resolved for integration of the two technologies, both of which are useful for design and engineering applications. We also note that "intelligence" is not a necessary property of useful agents and is not helpful in distinguishing agents from other kinds of software.

Autonomous artificial intelligent agents Florian R.V. This paper reviews the current state of the art in the research concerning the development of autonomous artificial intelligent agents.

Filtering with Intelligent Software Agents Abushar S., Hirata N. Living in the computer age, we find that the "information highway" is truly a high-speed information center making some "travelers" dizzy. Intelligent software agents can help alleviate the problems with the amount of information received. What exactly is an intelligent software agent? They are autonomous computer programs, where their environment dynamically affects their behavior and strategy for problem solving.

Intelligent agents as innovations Serenko A., Detlor B. This paper explores the treatment of intelligent agents as innovations. Past writings in the area of intelligent agents focus on the technical merits and internal workings of agent-based solutions. By adopting a perspective on agents from an innovations point of view, a new and novel description of agents is put forth in terms of their degrees of innovativeness, competitive implications, and perceived characteristics.

Intelligent Learning and Control of Autonomous Robotic Agents Operating in Unstructured Environments Hagras H., Sobh T. The control of autonomous intelligent robotic agent operating in unstructured changing environments includes many objective difficulties. One major difficulty concerns the characteristics of the environment that the agent should operate in. In unstructured and changing environments the inconsistency of the terrain, the irregularity of the product and the open nature of the working environment result in complex problems of identification, sensing and control.

IntelliShopper - A Proactive, Personal, Private Shopping Assistant Menczer F., Nick Street W., Vishwakarma N. The IntelliShopper is a shopping assistant designed to empower consumers. It is a personal assistant in that it observers the users while shopping and learns their prefernces with respect to various features that characterize shopping items.

Agent related articles (web)

A Web Page for Teleo-Reactive Programs A teleo-reactive (T-R) program is a mid-level agent control program that robustly directs an agent toward a goal in a manner that continuously takes into account the agent's changing perceptions of a dynamic environment. T-R programs are written in a production-rule-like language and require a specialized interpreter.

Seznam virov in nekaj programov T-R inteligentnih agentov.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2004?

Intelligent agent Brief description of intelligent agents.

Kratka razlaga inteligentnih agentov.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Intelligent agents challenge computer intrudes Interesting article concerning possibilites of intelligent agents protecting from malicious code.

Spletni inteligentni agenti, ki skrbijo za varnost pred škodljivo programsko kodo.

Zadnja aktivnost:

Software agent Brief description of software agents.

Kratka razlaga inteligentnih agentov.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Agent contests, challenges

Multi Agent Contest This competition is an attempt to stimulate research in the area of multi-agent system development and programming by identifying key problems, collecting suitable benchmarks, and gathering test cases which require and enforce coordinated action that can serve as milestones for testing multi-agent programming languages, platforms and tools. We also expect that participating at the contest helps to debug existing systems and to identify their weak and strong aspects.

RoboCup RoboCup is an attempt to foster AI and intelligent robotics research by providing a standard problem where wide range of technologies can be integrated and examined. In order for a robot team to actually perform a soccer game, various technologies must be incorporated including: design principles of autonomous agents, multi-agent collaboration, strategy acquisition, real-time reasoning, robotics, and sensor-fusion.

The Chatterbox Challenge The Chatterbox Challenge, 2005. The ultimate bot contest.

Najbolj priznano tekmovanje s chat boti.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

The Loebner Prize in Artificial Intelligence The Loebner Prize Contest is the first formal Turing Test of artificial intelligence. It carries a Grand Prize of $100,000 and a gold medal for the first computer program whose conversation is indistinguishable from a human's.

Nagrada za najboljše dosežke iz področja umetne inteligence, tudi inteligentnih agentov.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Trading Agent Competition The Trading Agent Competition (TAC) is an international forum designed to promote and encourage high quality research into the trading agent problem. TAC tournaments have been held annually since 2000.

Tekmovanje inteligentnih agentov, namenjenih trgovanju na tržiščih.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Agents - chat bots

ALEX ALEX is an AI-based "bot" programmed to help you locate basic legal information online. But be warned - she's very experimental, and she sometimes has a bit of an attitude! To hear her talk out loud, download the free SpeechPlugin. ALEX cannot provide legal advice. If you have a legal problem, consult a lawyer.

Chatbot za osnovne pravne informacije.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2004?

ALICEBOT ALICE A.I. Foundation news items, announcements, press releases and opinions. Anything related to Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML), the Turing Test, the Loebner Prize, bot hosting services, free and proprietary chat bot software.

Novosti, obvestila in gradiva, povezana z AIML, programska oprema botov, različni boti (Alice, Captain Kirk, …)

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Chat bot A chatbot is a a computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation with human users. Most chat bots simply scan for keywords within the input and pull a reply with the most matching answer from a database. This is an Artificial Intelligence learns everything from visitors ...

Chatbot, seznam nekaterih chatbotov in preprost chat bot.

Zadnja aktivnost: ? List of all chatbots (chatterbots, chat bot, conversational agents, virtual agents) in the World (still populating).

Seznam preko 500 chatbotov, ločen tudi po državah.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Elbot Elbot is a sarcastic robot who may be more human than he thinks. His purpose is to entertain and amuse while showing what Lingubots can do. Elbot has a few special robotic themes, but also takes on the challenging task of being conversant on just about everything. He tries to keep the conversation going as long and as naturally as possible, does not take artificial intelligence too seriously.

Chatbot upodobljen kot robot, v pogovoru vedno malo sarkastičen, s čimer mogoče rešuje pomanjkanje zares inteligentnih odgovorov.

Zadnja aktivnost: ?

Ellaz - artful inteligence This is where the ultimate natural language robot is taking shape. Take a few minutes to explore and learn about Ella's achievements and future as a robot.You may talk to the version that won the 2002 Loebner Prize Contest for "Most Human Computer." Web Sevices and audio elements give your experience still more depth.

Chatbot, ki ima vgrajene nekatere funkcionalnosti igranja preprostih iger, matematičnih funkcij, listanja knjig in kitajskega prerokovanja.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2007

Eugene Eugene Goostman - THE Weirdest creature in the world. The poor guy who used be an ordinary boy until he was turned into a chatter-bot by his school computers teacher. In reality happened to be a malicious cyber-fairy, the Member of the Great Robots Cabal, the File Clerk of Crayentology Center.

Zanimiv chat bot in nekaj povezav na spletne strani s tekmovanji chat botov.

Zadnja aktivnost: ?

Jabberwacky Jabberwacky is an artificial intelligence - a chat robot, often known as a 'chatbot' or 'chatterbot'. It aims to simulate natural human chat in an interesting, entertaining and humorous manner. Jabberwacky is different. It learns. In some ways it models the way humans learn language, facts, context and rules.

Spletna aplikacija, ki omogoča inteligenten pogovor z inteligentnim agentom, ki se sproti uči stila pogovora in posnema dejanski človeški govor (v angleščini).

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Jabberwock Jabberwock is an Artificial Intelligence Beast - a Chatterbot. You can talk to Jabberwock about every topic. It understands more than 30,000 words and knows about 2,200,000 sentences. Feel free to chat with it. But be carefully: Jabberwock is an ugly beast. It has it's own will - and a hero is just what it is waiting for!

Chat bot, dobitnik večih nagrad iz tega področja, velikokrat pogovor rešuje s vprašanji.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2005?

Ultra Hal Assistant Ultra Hal Assistant is a conversational system for your Windows PC based on award winning artificial intelligence technology. Hal can discuss any topic and learns and evolves from your conversations. Hal can function as a personal information manager (PIM) and keep track of your appointments, contacts, and more.

Chatbot z veliko funkcionalnosti, kar nekaj upodobitvami in namenjen Windows OS.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Zero - artificial Intelligent chatbot Zero is an artificial intelligent chatbot that is being designed by Computer Hope as a way to help develop a Natural Language Processing and Fuzzy Logic script for helping its users locate answers to their computer questions by parsing large logs of computer help conversations and help that is available from the Internet.

Javanski chatbot, ki se uči tudi na podlagi IRC pogovorov.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2008?

Agents - security agents

NetObserve Would you like to place a distant computer terminal under surveillance? Whether for professional or personal reasons, perhaps you are looking for an effective surveillance agent that is discreet and above all gives you full control of the computer? Look no further, we have found the program that will meet your needs.

PopUp Sweeper When connecting to Web sites, there are frequently advertising windows, or pop-ups, that open automatically and obstruct your browsing. Of course, to continue your visit, you just have to close them - but what about when three or four appear at the same time, or, maybe, every time you open a new page? It quickly becomes very irritating and you are soon conscious that your time is being wasted! To avoid these advertising windows, your best solution is an anti pop-up agent.

Spector Pro: keeps an eye on your computer Whether your computer is at your office, in your children's room or your own bedroom, there could come a day when you absolutely have to know what is being done on your PC or your Mac while you're away! The answer to your problem is here: Spector Pro.

SpyBuddy SpyBuddy is the award-winning, powerful spy software and computer monitoring product for monitoring spouses, children, co-workers, or just about anyone else! SpyBuddy allows you to monitor all areas of your PC, tracking every action down the last keystroke pressed or the last file deleted! SpyBuddy comes equipped with the functionality to record all AOL / ICQ / MSN / AIM / Yahoo chat conversations (including MSN 6), all websites visited, all windows opened and interacted with, every application executed, every document printed, every file or folder renamed and/or modified, all text and images sent to the clipboard, every keystroke pressed, every password typed, and more!

WebSite Watcher Website Watcher is a program that is making a lot of noise among the community of intelligent agent enthusiasts. It seems to federate a wide range of approval and positive feedback. So we decided to put Website Watcher to the test to try and answer the question that everyone is asking at the moment: is Website Watcher the ideal monitoring tool?

Agents - virtual assistants

BonziBuddy (offline) Bonzi Buddy uses MS Agent (Microsoft Agent) technology, which makes it possible to create animated 3D characters that can communicate through text or speech. Thanks to this technology, Bonzi Buddy is truly impressive, as it moves around the screen and talks in a very realistic way. The little gorilla has got lots of animations which highlight its sense of humor.

Opuščen virtualni asistent, snemljiv na tem naslovu, leta 2007 proglašen med top 10 nadležnih tehnoloških produktov.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2005

Cyberbuddy Cyber the Bot is the Artificial Intelligent agent that runs in CyberBuddy. I wrote Cyber originally as a companion for those who were a bit shy using instant messaging. People installing CyberBuddy could just go online and chat with him. As he became more popular I added additional logic engines and intelligence.

Chatbot z dodatno funkcionalnostjo virtualnega pomočnika.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2006

Home automated living So you gave up your old phone answering machine when you got HAL. Some people in the family didn't want to give up that little black box (usually in or near the kitchen) where you could press one button and then hear every call that came in while you were out, whether the call was for you or someone else in the family.

Sistem pametne hiše oz. bivalnega okolja, ki med drugim omogoča kontrolo nad nekaterimi hišnimi napravami in opravili kar preko spleta.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

The use of Agents with mIRC Microsoft Agents bound to the popular Mirc Program. Via speech recognition software they are able act as virtual speakers for you.

Povezava programa mIRC z virtualnimi pomočniki preko Microsoft Agents.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Oska deskmate Are you fans of Tom & Jerry? Do you love Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck or go wild for Wile E. Coyote? You wouldn’t miss a repeat of a good old Tex Avery for anything in the world? Don’t move! We have found a way to nourish your taste for cartoons. Let your computer become a full-sized moving picture!

Virtualne osebe za namizje računalnika.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Agents - web related agents

Google Alerts Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic. Some handy uses of Google Alerts include monitoring a developing news story, keeping current on a competitor or industry, getting the latest on a celebrity or event, and keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams.

Naročnikom na Google Alert po spletu išče želene informacije in jih dostavlja preko e-pošte.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2010

Letizia Letizia is a user interface agent that assists a user browsing the World Wide Web. As the user operates a conventional Web browser such as Netscape, the agent tracks user behavior and attempts to anticipate items of interest by doing concurrent, autonomous exploration of links from the user's current position.

Pripomoček za brskanje po spletu, uči se od uporabnika obnašanja pri brskanju.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2001?

RoboNavigation office Lencom RoboNavigation development kit is a full-featured tool to extract anything from the Web and automate your repeatable Internet operations. The kit generates simple and robust Visual Basic code, customizing it for your needs. The development environment is optimized for simplicity of development and efficiency of performance. A set of ActiveX controls with RDK lets users combine several techniques to develop projects on any complication level.

Razvojno orodje, za izdelavo Visual Basic kode za pomoč pri izvajanju ponavljajočih operacij na spletu.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2002

SHOE SHOE is a small extension to HTML which allows web page authors to annotate their web documents with machine-readable knowledge. SHOE makes real intelligent agent software on the web possible.

HTML dodatek za opis informacij o spletnih straneh, ki so primerne za spletne inteligentne agente.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2001?

Agent developing software, frameworks

AgentBuilder AgentBuilder - an integrated software toolkit that allows software developers to quickly develop intelligent software agents and agent-based applications.

Razvojno orodje za izdelavo samostojnih in multi inteligentnih agentov.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2006

Agent Developing Framework ADF is a J2EE-based open source agent developing platform with a focus on agent collaboration. The purpose of ADF is to build an interoperable, flexible, scalable and extensible framework that will allow real-world multi-agent systems to be developed with less effort.

Cougaar Cougaar is a Java-based architecture for the construction of highly scalable distributed agent-based applications. It is the product of a multi-year DARPA research project to develop an open-source agent-based architecture that supports applications ranging from small-scale systems to large-scale highly-survivable distributed systems.

Fleeble Java based complete Agent (Artificial Intelligence) Framework with all the features you might expect in an Agent Framework: Mobility, Autonomy, Distributed communication, Agents can be written in Java, Jython, or Beanshell.

JADE JADE (Java Agent DEvelopment Framework) is a software Framework fully implemented in Java language. It simplifies the implementation of multi-agent systems through a middle-ware that complies with the FIPA specifications and through a set of graphical tools that supports the debugging and deployment phases.

JAT - Java Agent Template The JAT provides basic agent functionality packaged as a Java(tm) application. JAT agents can be executed as either applications or as applets via the appletviewer. Information exchange includes KQML messages, Java code and arbitrary files.

Razvojno ogrodje za izdelavo inteligentnih agentov. Nasledil ga je JATLite.

Zadnja aktivnost:

JATLite - Java Agent Template, Lite JATLite (Java Agent Template, Lite) is a package of programs written in the Java language that allow users to quickly create new software "agents" that communicate robustly over the Internet.

Razvojno ogrodje za izdelavo inteligentnih agentov, naslednik JAT.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2000

MASH - Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper MASH is an easy-to-use program that lets you record and playback entertaining Microsoft Agent character presentations by simply dragging characters around the screen and directing what they say and do. Behind the scenes, MASH does the hard work for you and can generate your presentations into several scripting languages for use in Websites, Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations, Visual Basic, HTML Email Stationery, Windows Scripting Host, and MASH's own Desktop Scripts and Executable programs.

Pomožni program za učinkovitejšo izvedbo virtualnih pomočnikos s pomočjo Microsoft Agent.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2008?

Microsoft Agent Microsoft® Agent is a set of software services that supports the presentation of software agents as interactive personalities within the Microsoft Windows® interface. Microsoft Agent's conversational interface approach is an extension and enhancement of the existing interactive modalities of the Windows interface.

Orodje in servisi za razvoj interaktivnih osebnosti (virtualnih asistentov) v Windows okolju.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

The Open Agent Architecture A framework for integrating a community of heterogeneous software agents in a distributed environment.

Ogrodje za integracijo heterogenih programskih agentov v porazdeljenih okoljih.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2007

Agents - search engines

Ask Jeeves! An agent that finds data based on a query posted in native English. It has a database of over 7 million answers and shows best matches to questions from this knowledgebase plus answers retrieved from other "ordinary" searchers.

Copernic Agent Copernic Agent is well-known search software. Historically, it is one of the first metasearchers to be made available as downloadable software. Originally a ‘simple’ metasearcher, Copernic has over the years added a range of features that have turned it into a very complete solution for information retrieval, analysis and monitoring.

MetaCrawler MetaCrawler uses innovative metasearch technology to search the Internet's top search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, About, Teoma, FindWhat, LookSmart, and many more. now searches Google, Ask Jeeves, LookSmart and dozens of other leading search engines to bring you the best results.

Agents - shopping agents

Bingooo A new concept of browser integration. Bingooo is : Browser, metasearch engine with agents, and communication - all in a single package. It is freely programmable via AML (Agent Markup Language)

Avtomobilski trg.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

mySimon MySimon uses VLA (Virtual Learning Agent) technology. That means Simon can actually imitate human navigational behavior and can be "taught" to shop at 1000s of merchants in hundreds of product categories on the Web. Simon shops in real time, so he always finds the right products, at the right place, at the best price.

Pri e-trgovinah v svojem seznamu nabira cene produktov in ponuja primerjavo cen.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009 is the industry innovator in online comparison shopping. Millions of consumers use PriceGrabber to quickly obtain free and unbiased information about products, services, merchants and sellers before making a purchase decision. PriceSCAN also lets you search for "functionally equivalent" products. If, for instance, you're considering buying a new digital camera, you can enter the features you're looking for and PriceSCAN will return a list, sorted by price, of all the cameras matching your specs.

Pri e-trgovinah v svojem seznamu nabira cene produktov in ponuja primerjavo cen.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

RoboShopper Welcome to - the comparison shopping site that lets you visit dozens of leading online stores to find the best deals on electronics, cameras, dvds, books and a wide range of other shopping categories!

Pri e-trgovinah v svojem seznamu nabira cene produktov in ponuja primerjavo cen, uporablja tudi druge iskalnike cen kot so MySimon, Yahoo Shopping, Pricegrabber, Froogle, NexTag itn.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009 is a leading price comparison web site that allows you to shop online for the best deals. Shopzilla connects shoppers with over 80 million products from tens of thousands of retailers with its unique portfolio of engaging and informative websites.

Agents - companies

Autonomy Autonomy is the leading provider of software infrastructure that automates operations on unstructured information.

Vodilno podjetje v Evropi s podružnicami po celem svetu, ki izdeluje in ponuja programsko opremo, ki na inteligenten način prepoznava in kategorizira pomembne informacije iz sicer nestrukturiranih virov.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

CodeBaby A hosted, interactive digital character, to engage the web page visitors in conversation, and to help make a lasting, emotional connection.

NASA's Intelligent Systems Division Division working on several tasks: development of technologies required for systems that can adapt their behavior to complex, rapidly changing environments, information technologies and collaboration tools that facilitate the specialized work of distributed teams in NASA mission settings, tools and methods for systems health management; large-scale science and aeronautical data analysis and data mining, and Increased software quality, reliability, and productivity through research done in the context of NASA applications.

Oddelek, ki se med drugim ukvarja z inteligentnimi sistemi in orodji, ki so svoje obnašanje sposobni prilagajati kompleksnim, spremenljivim okoljem.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

IBM's research on inteliigent agents As of 1997, the former Intelligent Agents Project at IBM T.J. Watson Research (1994-1997) has grown and transmuted into several different agents-y projects:

Seznam projektov, izvedenih pod okriljem IBM T.J. Watson Research.

Zadnja aktivnost: 1999

Agents - knowledge representation

Common Logic Common logic (CL) is a framework for a family of logic languages, based on first-order logic, intended to facilitate the exchange and transmission of knowledge in computer-based systems.

Naslednik jezika KIF.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Knowledge Interchange Format The Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF) description, used by agents.

Jezik za predstavitev znanja, uporabljen s strani nekaterih inteligentnih agentov, vendar ni doživel standardizacije.

Zadnja aktivnost:

Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language Brief description of KML, a language and protocol for communication among software agents and knowledge-based systems.

Jezik in protokol za komunikcijo med programski agenti.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Web Ontology Language The Web Ontology Language (OWL) is a family of knowledge representation languages for authoring ontologies, and is endorsed by the World Wide Web Consortium

Novejši jezik za opis predstavitve znanja, koristen za modernejše inteligentne agente.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Agents - miscellaneous

AnswerChase PROve A wicked search utility. AnswerChase-PROve 3.0 finds final answers to your questions eliminating the need for endless search. It makes sifting through irrelevant links a thing of the past. Award-winning AnswerChase-PROve 3.0 technology has a 4-year history and it combines artificial intelligence & natural language processing all in one. From the same interface, you can find answers also on your LAN, WAN, and intranets as well as the Internet. PROve suite includes 24/7 intelligence monitoring and content management utilities. PROve 3.0 is a completely automated and a self-learning software. It provides offline access to your answers anytime and anywhere, even cruising at 30,000 feet.

Programsko orodje, ki namesto nas išče odgovore, tudi na spletu in se pri tem uči.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2000

IM Speak! IM Speak! is a tool that adds speech and personality to incoming messages from your favorite Internet Messenger program. By using IM Speak!, you can assign 'voices' to each one of your buddies allowing them to speak to you in any voice you choose along with many other features like speaking documents, type and speak, translation and more.

Program, ki tekst pogovorov preko MSN Internet Messengerja predvaja kot govor, pri čemer se lahko govor razlikuje glede na sogovornika.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Next-Link The objective of this project is to learn the principles of coordination that will enable computational agents to facilitate distributed design and engineering. Specifically, Next-Link is developing a coordination agent for the domain of aircraft electrical cable configuration and routing using a novel theory of design decisions.

Projekt, v katerem so želeli ustvariti koordinacijskega inteligentnega agenta za uporabo v inženirstvu, kjer različni udeleženci/proizvajalci delajo na istem kompleksnejšem produktu.

Zadnja aktivnost: 199*?

ProcessLink Our objective is to enable multidisciplinary design engineers to track and coordinate their design decisions with each other, even when not co-located or working with the same software.

Nadaljevanje projekta Next-Link, s poudarkom na multidisciplinarnosti.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2000?

Redux' Trip Agent Redux is a general model of design. It captures the dependencies generated by any problem solver that can be interpreted as a Redux problem solver. This interpretation, for any given problem solver, becomes the Redux API in the Next-Link architecture.

Primer uporabe Redux agenta, razvitega v okviru projekta Next-Link, za poenostavljen problem potovanj.

Zadnja aktivnost: 199*?

Yenta Yenta provides privacy-protected, distributed, automatic generation of clusters of users who are interested in similar topics. This is a sort of coalition-building or matchmaking system.

Poskus orodja, ki uporabnikom tega orodja omogoča prepoznavanje drugih posameznikov, s podobnimi interesi.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2000

A-life, Alife, Artificial life

Algorithmic Botany One of the main goals of science is to find principles that unify apparently diverse phenomena. With this broad objective in mind, the Biological Modeling and Visualization group apply notions and methods of computer science to gain a better understanding of the emergence of forms and patterns in nature.

Laboratorij, kjer se ukvarjajo s študijem modeliranja, simulacije in vizualizacije rastlin.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

alife - The Temple of Alife Artificial Life is a field of scientific study that attempts to model living biological systems through complex algorithms. Scientists use these models to test and experiment with a multitude of factors on the behavior of the systems.

6 simulacij modeliranja različnih bioloških sistemov.

Zadnja aktivnost: 1999 - Artificial Life Portal This site presents interesting projects concerning computer science, biology, physics, and art. Touch the fascinating world of modern science.

Različni projekti iz področja računalniške znanosti, umetnega življenja, evolucijskega računanja.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

An Introduction to Lindenmayer Systems L-systems are a mathematical formalism proposed by the biologist Aristid Lindenmayer in 1968 as a foundation for an axiomatic theory of biological development. Two principal areas include generation of fractals and realistic modelling of plants.

Razlaga L-sistemov.

Zadnja aktivnost:

Artificial life Brief description of artificial life (commonly Alife or alife).

Kratka razlaga umetnega življenja.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Artificial life at Indiana University Artificial Life, agent-based modeling, complex systems, biocomplexity, ontogenetics, network topology and dynamics, and related disciplines play a strong part in the research directions and interests of many faculty members at Indiana University. Research in these areas is taking place in the School of Informatics, the Cognitive Science Program, the Physics department, and other academic units. Here are a few of the faculty involved in this discipline, with links to their home pages and projects.

Osebe iz Indiana University in njihovo delo na področju umetnega življenja.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Boids "Boid" was an abbreviation of "birdoid", as his rules applied equally to simulated flocking birds, and schooling fish.

Seznam virov, ljudi, organizacij in programske opreme povezane z modeliranjem in vizualizacijo jat različnih živali.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2001

evoweb Welcome to EvoWeb, website of EvoNet - the European Network of Excellence in Evolutionary Computing. EvoNet aims to foster innovation, training and technology transfer, and to provide a comprehensive information service for everyone interested in the field of evolutionary computing.

Portal z informacijami, povezanimi z evolucijskim računanjem.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2006

Floys Floys belong to the flocking Alife creatures variety, sharing with them the social tendency to stick together, and the lifelike emergent behavior which is based on a few simple, local rules.

Dve verziji simuliranja jatnega obnašanja s t.i. floys (iFloys, ki imajo tudi individualno osebnost in eFloys, ki so realizirani z genetskimi algoritmi)

Zadnja aktivnost: 199*?

International Society of Artificial Life The International Society for Artificial Life (ISAL) was established in May of 2001 as a non-profit organization. Currently based at Reed College, ISAL is a democratic, international, professional society dedicated to promoting scientific research and education relatingto artificial life, including sponsoring conferences, publishing scientific journals and newsletters, and maintaining web sites related to artificial life.

Neprofitno združenje, ustanovljeno 2001, namenjeno promoviranju znanstvenega raziskovanja na področju umetnega življenja.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Laboratory of Artificial Life and Robotics The Laboratory of Artificial Life and Robotics is an internationally recognized research group that carries out pioneering research in the area of artificial life and evolutionary robotics. Our main research activity involves the study of artificial organisms that are embodied, situated and that evolve.

Laboratorij, kjer se ukvarjajo s študijem umetnih organizmov, ki jih nadzirajo nevronske mreže, imajo telo, se nahajajo v okolju, s katerim interaktirajo in so prilagajajo glede na okolje.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Lotus Artificial Life 9 projects simulating life in artificial form: hardware artificial life, hexagonal version of hardware artificial life, 1D and 2D template-based replication, reversible self-replicating worms, study of the evolution of sex, ...

9 projektov iz področja umetnega življenja s pripadajočimi opisi in vizualizacijo z appleti.

Zadnja aktivnost:

Steward Dean's guide to Artificial Life Artificial Life is a the name for a collection of various disciplines. It is about the study of non organic organisms, of life like behaviour beyond the creation of nature. In the quest of behavioural biologists to understand the behaviours of nature and computer scientists to create new and better programs, paths increasingly crossed. Research of different kinds can, in many cases, lead to unifying knowledge. Later on I will be looking at some of the people involved with artificial life and the work they have done.

Kratka razlaga z umetnim življenjem povezanih vsebin (kompleksnost, teorija kaosa, avtomati, oblike življenja, nevronske mreže, evolucijsko računanje, L-sistemi, ...)

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Virtual Life Virtual life is the computer simulation of life. Instead of flesh and bones, the creatures are made up of algorithms and bytes. Many different aspects of virtual life exist. Some of these include virtual pets, virtual people, and artificial life ecosystems. Depending on the particular simulation, these virtual life creatures are capable of learning, eating, reproducing, evolving, and even carrying on a dialogue with you.

Simulacije življenja skozi virtualne ljubljenčke, virtualne osebe, rast rastlin, statičnih in dinamičnih ekosistemov ter povezave na sorodne vsebine.

Zadnja aktivnost: 1997

Virtual Plants

Projektna skupina na INRIA, ki se ukvarja s študijem rasti rastlin in njihovega nadzora z genetskimi procesi, pri čemer si pomagajo tudi z modeliranjem v umetnem življenju.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Aglets, mobile java agents

Aglet Software Development Kit (SourceForge) The Aglets Software Development Kit (ASDK) is a framework and environment for developing and running mobile agents. Mobile Agents are a type of software agents that have the unique ability to transport themselves from one system to another.

Ogrodje za izdelavo agletov.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2002

Aglets Brief description of aglets.

Kratka razlaga agletov.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009

Aglets (IBM) Official Website of the IBM Aglets Project, where originally developed aglets.

Projekt agletov v IBM Research, povezave na Aglets SDK in drugih virov, povezanih z agleti.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2002

Aglets (SourceForge) Aglets is a Java mobile agent platform and library that eases the development of agent based applications. An aglet is a Java agent able to autonomously and spountanously move from one host to another.

Projekt aglets na SourceForge.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2004

CPS720 Artificial Intelligence Topics with Agents This course focuses on software agents, particularly mobile agents. The programming language used is Java. Several agent API's are discussed. These include Aglets, originally from IBM, now Open Source, the Java Agent Development Environment (JADE) from the University of Parma, and Ascape, from the Brookings Institute in Washington DC. Communication languages such as the Semantic Language (SL) and XML will also be discussed.

Predmet na Ryerson University s tematiko programskih agentov, s poudarkom na mobilnih agentih (agletih).

Zadnja aktivnost: 2001

The architecture of aglets (JAVAWORLD) Find out about the inner workings of aglets, IBM Japan's Java-based autonomous software agent technology.

Podrobna razlaga agletov na 6 straneh.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2007

Agents related books

Bellifemine F.L., Caire G., Greenwood D. (eds) Developing Multi-Agent Systems with JADE (Wiley Series in Agent Technology)

Bergenti F., Gleizes M.P., Zambonelli F. Methodologies and Software Engineering for Agent Systems: The Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Handbook (Multiagent Systems, Artificial Societies, and Simulated Organizations)

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Bigus J., Bigus J., Bigus J. Constructing Intelligent Agents Using Java: Professional Developer's Guide

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Wooldridge M. An Introduction to MultiAgent Systems

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