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UMBC Agent Web A huge site that contains everything you ever wanted (or not) to know about agents, from basics, theory, to various agent resources and example implementations.

EMA - an Intelligent Employment Agent Intelligent employment agent to find employers and employees in Slovenia.

Empirical Planner; Director; Controller Makers of Empirical Suite, "the first solution designed specifically to tackle the management of application service levels within large-scale distributed computing environments.
Firefly Network Inc.  Firefly is the leading provider of products and services that enable businesses to build valuable personalized relationships with individuals and create communities around their brands, while protecting their privacy and the privacy of individuals.

Microsoft Agent Microsoft® Agent is a set of software services that supports the presentation of software agents as interactive personalities within the Microsoft Windows® interface. Microsoft Agent's conversational interface approach is an extension and enhancement of the existing interactive modalities of the Windows interface.

Browser Buddy Browser Buddy(tm) will save you hours and hours of time by fetching pages from selected WWW sites so that you can rapidly access them later from your hard drive.

FAQ finder FAQFinder is an automated question-answering system that uses the files of ``Frequently-Asked Questions'' (FAQs) associated with many USENET newsgroups.

ReferralWeb The ReferralWeb system lets you search and explore social networks - the networks of friends, colleagues, and co-workers - that exist on the WWW. It lets you find trusted information from trusted experts, who are likely to help because they are friends of your friends.

Haystack, formerly Scatter/Gather Haystack's goal is to make the power of information retrieval available to the user in a form that is easy to use and adaptable to the user's individual needs.

Intelligent Software Agents Resources, information and papers about agents.

Software Agents Group The Software Agents Group of the MIT Media Laboratory investigates computer systems to which one can delegate tasks.

Netbot Jango - personal shopping assistant Excite Shopping Search, powered by Jango gives Excite shoppers the Web's most convenient and powerful resource for finding, evaluating and purchasing products online.

InfoSpiders Adaptive Retrieval Agents Choosing Heuristic Neighborhoods for Information Discovery.

A brief Introduction to Yenta Yenta provides privacy-protected, distributed, automatic generation of clusters of users who are interested in similar topics. This is a sort of coalition-building or matchmaking system.

MetaCrawler Several search engines.

Savvysearch Metasearches search engines and guides.

Ahoy! The Homepage Finder. Searches for a personal Homepage based on your feedback.

Alpha Microsystems Makers of powerful foundation technologies for business intelligence software serving the Internet, intranet, corporate information technology and software development markets.

Java-to-Go Itinerative Computing Using Java

The Open Agent Architecture Basic information about Agents

Next-Link The objective of this project is to learn the principles of coordination that will enable computational agents to facilitate distributed design and engineering. Specifically, Next-Link is developing a coordination agent for the domain of aircraft electrical cable configuration and routing using a novel theory of design decisions.

ProcessLink ProcessLink is a subproject of Design Space Colonization and a follow-on to the Next-Link project. Our objective is to enable multidisciplinary design engineers to track and coordinate their design decisions with each other, even when not co-located or working with the same software.

Information Resources for CORBA and the OMG CORBA and OMG Information Resources.

An Exploration of Dynamic Documents This document explores the "server push" and "client pull" dynamic document capabilities of Netscape Navigator 1.1 (Windows, Mac, and Unix versions).

Servo Sizing CGI Resource Precision MicroDynamics, Inc. (PMDi) is a Technology Company specializing in motion control, actuator drive electronics and digital signal processing (DSP). The Company's technologies are delivered to the customer as electronic hardware, firmware and software.

Java Agent Template The JAT provides basic agent functionality packaged as a Java(tm) application. JAT agents can be executed as either applications or as applets via the appletviewer. Information exchange includes KQML messages, Java code and arbitrary files.

The FCDA Project A project being undertaken at CIFE at Stanford University. The ACL project is an agent-based approach to solving the problem of software interoperability. A description of C Interface to the library is available.

JATLite JATLite (Java Agent Template, Lite) is a package of programs written in the Java language that allow users to quickly create new software "agents" that communicate robustly over the Internet.

Madefast Madefast is an ARPA-sponsored project. It is a distributed collaboration to design and build a seeker (a, typically air-to-air, missile that employs sensors to lock onto and track a target, guiding the missile). 

Infomaster Infomaster is an information integration system that provides integrated access to multiple distributed heterogeneous information sources on the Internet, thus giving the illusion of a centralized, homogeneous information system

AIMSNet AIMSNet is a robust and flexible electronic infrastructure designed to support integration of a globally dispersed supply chain over the Internet. Customers and suppliers can easily access and use AIMSNet for rapid and efficient design and procurement of high quality customized products at substantially reduced cycle time and cost.

SHOE SHOE is a small extension to HTML which allows web page authors to annotate their web documents with machine-readable knowledge. SHOE makes real intelligent agent software on the web possible.

Integrated Search Engine An integrated interface to search engines on the Internet. It facilitates easy construction of advanced search queries, automatic translation of user queries to correct search requests for multiple search engines and parallel execution of these requests.

Ask Jeeves! An agent that finds data based on a query posted in native English. It has a database of over 7 million answers and shows best matches to questions from this knowledgebase plus answers retrieved from other "ordinary" searchers.

Letizia Letizia is a user interface agent that assists a user browsing the World Wide Web. As the user operates a conventional Web browser such as Netscape, the agent tracks user behavior and attempts to anticipate items of interest by doing concurrent, autonomous exploration of links from the user's current position.

NASA's Remote Agent Remote Agent is a computer software experiment on board Deep Space 1 that represents a big step forward in spacecraft autonomy. It is designed to allow spacecraft to make a wider variety of decisions for themselves than they have been able to in the past. 

Agents from Andersen Consulting Andersen Consulting develops many agents, mainly for information management tasks. Among them are LifestyleFinder, InfoFinder, ContactFinder, NewsFinder, BargainFinder and BackSeat Browser.

RAISE Reusable Agent Intelligence Software Environment (RAISE) is an extensible structured class library. Capabilities include: rule-based inferencing, user authoring of rule bases, integration with external software components, and basic support of inter-agent knowledge-level communication. RAISE is deeply object-oriented in design and is implemented in C++

Autonomy Autonomy are the makers of various knowledge management systems. They make the accurate retrieval of information easy and intuitive, doing away with filling in forms and questionnaires of fruitless keyword searching. By aggregating content from all corporate information repositories (including Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, relational databases, legacy systems and intranet sites, as well as third-party sources such as Internet sites and real-time newsfeeds), Autonomy's software helps companies harness their knowledge resources and make them accessible to their employees - easily, fast and completely.

The Software Agents Mailing List The Software Agents Mailing List is devoted to the issues of software agents, personal digital assistants, software robots, knowbots, intelligent interface agents, etc. To subscribe e-mail with subscribe agents or subscribe agents-digest in the body of the message.

The artificial intelligence laboratory at MIT The artificial intelligence laboratory at MIT homepage.

CompassWare CompassWare is a company that produces software for information management. Its two reputable products are InfoMagnet and CommerceMagnet. InfoMagnet is an out of the box solution platform that enables enterprise users to discover and manage the explosion of information available to them, from both inside and from outside their organization, so they can make more effective decisions. CommerceMagnet enables commerce sites to form longer lasting, more profitable relationships with their E-commerce customers.

Portico Portico is a new kind of virtual assistant, made by General Magic. It can take messages, screen your calls, track you down when you're out of the office, check your email, even get you the latest business and stock quotes.

Agent Based Engineering Group This group strives to bring a practical, application oriented approach to agent technology, in addition to making theoretical in-roads into this field. 

Redux' Trip Agent Redux is a general model of design. It captures the dependencies generated by any problem solver that can be interpreted as a Redux problem solver. This interpretation, for any given problem solver, becomes the Redux API in the Next-Link architecture.

Agents and Mediators Links at Stanford to various agents.

IEEE Expert Intelligent Agents Article This article concerns Internet-based "agents" and describes the use of KQML-like Agents and their compatibility with the World-Wide Web.

Concur Examples Two examples of an agent and a link to the Lockheed Mace Example.

The ACL Project The ACL project is an agent-based approach to solving the problem of software interoperability

Knowledge Interchange Format The Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF) description, used by agents.

InfernoSpaces InfernoSpaces is a set of software libraries that provides a simple framework for secure, distributed applications. InfernoSpaces allows application deployment across an heterogeneous environment, independent of hardware platform, network protocols, programming languages, and operating systems.

Intelligent Home Project A homepage at Computer Science Faculty at University of Massachusetts Amherst with student project descriptions to write an agent.

The Millennium Research Project at Microsoft The Millennium project at Microsoft Research is investigating new ways to build distributed systems. Its primary goal is to provide a new level of abstraction for application programmers and users. The resulting systems will manage machines and network connections for the programmer in the same way that operating systems today manage pages of memory and disk sectors.

Parallel Virtual Machine PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) is a software package that permits a heterogeneous collection of Unix and/or NT computers hooked together by a network to be used as a single large parallel computer. Thus large computational problems can be solved more cost effectively by using the aggregate power and memory of many computers. It can also be used in developing mobile agents.


Australia 1 Growth and Evolution of Virtual Plants.

Australia 2 Computer simulations of the structural development and growth of individual plants in 3-D space.

Virtual lab. Biological Modeling and Visualization information

L_System A Lsystem is a rule like description of a 3d form. It contains descriptions of parts and how they should be assembled together.

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