M. Luštrek, G. Slapničar, J. Valič, M. Cigale, E. Dovgan

Insension – Personalized intelligent platform enabling interaction with digital services to individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities (Horizon2020 project)

Short description, main aims and objectives of the project:

In the INSENSION project we are developing an ICT platform that enables persons with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) to use digital applications and services that will improve the quality of their life, increase their ability to self-determination, and enrich their life. People with PMLD often communicate on a pre-symbolic level and use unconventional behavioral signals like specific body movements or vocalizations to express their needs. The platform to be developed will be the user interface for persons with PMLD to process the information collected from the world around them and to communicate their needs to others with the use of advanced technologies previously not available to them. For this purpose, we will develop advanced monitoring and recognition technologies to identify meaningful gestures, facial expressions, vocalizations and physiological parameters. Based on recognized behavior signals we will develop methods for recognition of user intent that will be used to trigger a number of services aimed at satisfying users’ needs and improving their quality of life.