M. Gams, M. Ožek, R. Blatnik

IHT – Intelligent Home Telekom

Short description, main aims and objectives of the project:

Within »Intelligent home Telekom« project we have developed a universal virtual interface for interactive user communication in various services and applications of the national telecom operator Telekom Slovenije. The virtual interface is implemented in a web-based intelligent conversational robot prototype and is experimentally available at https://www.ijs.si. The conversational robot interactively answers visitors’ questions in natural language. The main advantage of our virtual user interface over similar commercially available applications is its adaptability for quick implementation in various applications where any kind of user interaction takes place, such as television, telemedicine, technical support help desks, web portals, etc. Applied research project was founded by the Slovenian government and partly financed by the Slovenian national telecom operator Telekom Slovenije, d.d.