M. Gams, D. Marinčič, R. Piltaver, B. Mahnič, D. Kužnar

i-lab – Intelligent laboratory system for healthcare (Inteligentni informacijski sistem laboratorijev v zdravstvu)

Short description, main aims and objectives of the project:

i-lab is a project financed partially by Slovenia and partly by EU. In collaboration with companies LOTRIČ laboratory for metrology d.o.o. and IMS MERILNI SISTEMI d.o.o. we developed an intelligent information system for health care laboratories. Our contribution to the project was an intelligent module that is capable of detecting anomalous operation of laboratory equipment with focus on the refrigeration systems. The main features of intelligent module are intelligent laboratory equipment monitoring and quality prediction of laboratory samples which are both based on anomalous event detection from environment parameters data streams (e.g. temperature, humidity). In 2011 the project was awarded with TARAS at the 3rd Industrial Forum of Innovation, R&D and Technology (IRT) for successful collaboration between research institution and industry.