M. Luštrek, R. Piltaver, B. Cvetković, M. Gjoreski

Fit4Work project

Short description, main aims and objectives of the project:

The Fit4Work project aims at delivering an innovative system capable of detecting, monitoring and countering physical and psychological stress related to occupation of older adults. The project will extend off-the-shelf technologies (3D motion sensing, wearable wellness sensors, ambient sensors, and mobile devices) with specialized components able to analyse physical and mental fitness in order to provide personalized recommendations and exercises. The resulting product will be a coupling of unobtrusive devices and services that make it possible to continuously monitor self at work and manage own fitness thanks to motivating training scheme. The goal is to increase users’ quality of lives and health-related fitness.

JSI will develop algorithms based on machine learning and expert rules that will analyse and interpret the sensor data about the user’s physical and mental fitness: the type and amount of physical activity and the level of stress will be inferred and suitability of workplace ambient conditions will be evaluated. In addition, a decision support system combining results of the data analysis with user’s health record and expert knowledge (ontological knowledge base) will be developed in order to recommend the type and time of exercises and appropriate actions such as: setting proper workplace conditions (e.g., light level, chair and computer screen placement) and taking additional measurements (e.g., blood pressure).