M. Luštrek, B. Kaluža, B. Cvetković, H. Gjoreski

e-Turist – The easiest way to plan your perfect trip

Short description, main aims and objectives of the project:

E-Turist is a mobile application that will attempt to provide a tourist with an experience comparable to that offered by a professional tour guide, but tailored specifically to him/her. The tourist will enter his interests, the available time and any special requirements he/she may have. Based on these, the application prepares a personalized sightseeing program using a recommender system. Afterwards, the application guides the tourist using the GPS, providing a multilingual description accompanied by photos. The description will be available on the mobile phone screen and via synthesized voice. The tourist may comment and rate each sight, which is then used by the recommendar system and tourism workers to improve their services. The mobile application is accmpanied by a web application through which tourism workers may enter information on sights of interest and track the activity of their visitors.