M. Luštrek, B. Cvetković, V. Janko

Fit4Work project

Short description, main aims and objectives of the project:

The goal of physical education is to develop motor skills and to cultivate the habit of being physically active during leisure time throughout life. However, physical abilities of schoolchildren have worsened significantly during the past 20 years. In the interest of public health and wellbeing, this trend should be reversed. The e-Gibalec project is developing a mobile application that will use smartphone sensors and intelligent computer methods to monitor the movement of children.

Gamification techniques will then be used to encourage them to be physically more active. The application will also involve parents and physical-education teachers. The teachers will have access to the data collected by the application and will be able to use it for more effective physical education. The application will be tested in multiple primary schools. The long-term goal is to introduce it to all interested primary and secondary schools.