M. Gams, R. Piltaver, D. Marinčič, V. Vidulin, T. Kompara, E. Dovgan, B. Pogorelc, B. Cvetković, S. Kozina, R. Blatnik, D. Kužnar

E-doorman project

Short description, main aims and objectives of the project:

The aim of the project is to develop a prototype of an electronic doorman, named e-doorman, that offers services similar to a human doorman, improves security and increases user comfort. The intelligent system is embedded into a door with electro-mechanic lock, tablet PC, micro-controller and an array of sensors. The e-doorman uses context-based reasoning and awareness achieved by artificial intelligence methods running on the tablet. The e-doorman system is able to recognize the users, detect unusual entry/exit, break-in attempts, predicts user presence and offers personalized services such as customizable notifications and alarms, information about present residents and state of the door, voice messages, greetings and tips, and remote control using intuitive GUI or virtual assistant that understands natural language.