M. Luštrek, C. M. DeMasi

The CoachMyLife project (AAL Call 2018)

Short description, main aims and objectives of the project:

IMemory-related cognitive challenges are a common problem among elderly people.
The CoachMyLife project aims at developing a system to help people affected by mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in the accomplishment of everyday tasks in their home environment.

The system will combine different kinds of sensors (cameras, wearables) placed in the user’s apartment, and various detection techniques , with the goal of identifying what the user is currently doing out of a number of specific activities, for which users would want the system to provide assistance/reminders. These targeted activities have been selected based on the feedback provided by potential users, and are mainly related to eating/drinking, medication assumption and personal care and hygiene.

The data collected from sensors will be transferred to a remote server and analyzed, and the results of activity recognition will be uploaded to an online database, to provide integration between the various system components. The results of the activity detection algorithms, combined with a knowledge of the user’s activities schedule, will finally allow the system to provide context-based reminders to users, which will be shown through a tablet (HomeTab) in their apartment.