M. Luštrek, B. Cvetković, S. Kozina, H. Gjoreski, R. Piltaver

CHIRON – Cyclic and person-centric Health management: Integrated appRoach for hOme, mobile and clinical eNvironments

Short description, main aims and objectives of the project:

The project will develop an integrated framework for personalized healthcare at home, in a nomadic environment and in the hospital. A patient is equipped with wearable sensors, which continuously monitor his condition. The sensors are connected to a smartphone, which issues warnings and advises the patient based on a personalized health assessment model. The data from the sensors, together with the data from the patient’s health record and novel medical imaging solutions, is accessible to medical professionals. Their work is supported by an advanced health assessment model, which is continuously modified by incoming data and experts’ input.

Our department is developing this system, as well as activity recognition and human energy expenditure estimation methods for patient monitoring.