M. Gams, V. Vidulin, M. Luštrek, A. Pivk

Alvis – Superpeer Semantic Search Engine

Short description, main aims and objectives of the project:

ALVIS was FP6 STREP project that conducted research in the design, use and interoperability of topic-specific search engines with the goal to develop an open source prototype of a distributed, semantic-based search engine. Our role in the project was to develop a prototype of genre classifier, which classifies web pages into categories such as, e.g., blog, frequently asked questions, shopping. The classifier was implemented in the search engine, where it enabled the user to search the pages not only by specifying their content (e.g., with the keyword “iPhone”), but also by specifying their genres (e.g., by specifying genre “shopping”, pages with reviews and subjective comments are excluded). In this manner, the engine returns a set of pages that are closer to user’s interests than the pages returned by the keyword-based search engines.