Advanced modeling and simulation of liquid-solid process

B. Filipič, T. Tušar, M. Mlakar

The goal of this research project was to enhance the physical modeling capabilities and development of numerical methods for liquid-solid processes. Our participation in the project was focused on optimization of the alloy solidification process where the task is to determine process parameters such that the required structure of the material is obtained in the shortest possible time.

Using an evolutionary multiobjective algorithm coupled with a process simulator, we minimized the concentration and structural inhomogeneities in the solidifying material and the duration of the solidification process by influencing the cooling process dynamics. Dealing with this problem was a source of motivation for our work on improving the multiobjective optimization methodology by involving surrogate models and visualizing the results, while the produced results are of practical importance for metallurgical production.

The project was funded by the Slovenian Research Agency.