Adaptive and Personalized Intelligent Cognitive Assistant for Attitude and Behavior Change for Stress, Anxiety and Depression Relief

T. Kolenik

Short description, main aims and objectives of the project:

The system in design for this project tries to advance the current state of the art in the field of intelligent systems for attitude and behavior change in mental health. This includes 1) modelling the human capability of theory of mind (ToM), a cognitive ability to understand and properly act in social interactions with people, and 2) introducing a novel fusion between two technologies, intelligent cognitive assistants and ambient intelligence, through integrating a smart bracelet into the assistant’s cognitive architecture. ToM consists of: a user model with mental health scores, emotions, attitudes, personality, and demographic data; a reinforcement learning algorithm to model historical interactions between the assistant and the user, thus reasoning on which strategies work and which do not; so far inexistent ontologies, especially on attitude and behavior change, and mental health. The assistant also represents a technological fusion between assistants and ambient intelligence, which we have not come across in the existing literature yet. We believe that combining ToM and ambient intelligence integration results in an effective way of selecting and adapting multiple strategies for help in people with stress, anxiety and depression symptoms.