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Evolutionary Computation (EC) is the enterprise of utilizing the principles of natural evolution in computer problem solving. It is concerned with the design and application of stochastic search and optimization algorithms. There are three fundamental EC techniques: Genetic Algorithms, Evolution Strategies and Evolutionary Programming, and a number of derived approaches, such as Classifier Systems and Genetic Programming. All these forms of EC are nowadays referred to as Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs). In the last years, the field has progressed to the stage where software tools provide robust and competitive solutions in engineering design, business proces optimization, finance and many other application domains.

The JSI EC Repository provides a collection of selected on-line resources on this exciting, fast expanding area of research and technology. It contains links to introductory materials, software packages, applications of EAs, publications, conferences and other activities, and related web sites. The repository is meant to serve EC researchers, practitioners and students with essential information. We are, however, not responsible for the content of the sites maintaned by other institutions. Your comments and suggestions to the repository are most welcome.

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